Brick Repairs and Replacements: When to Get Them Done  

For centuries, bricks have been used in many aspects of residential and commercial construction. As one of the oldest building materials out there, brick provides a timeless touch. For the most part, you can never go wrong with it, unless it starts to wither and decay, of course. Unfortunately, brick can start to fall in, and eventually, it can collapse if it’s not taken care of in time. Thankfully, we have the professionals you need who specialize in brick restoration. 

Whether you’re looking for a small touch-up or a major renovation, Texas Enviroblast is the perfect team! Even better, we’re here to help you stay updated with when you should get your brick structures repaired

Loose Bricks

One of the most obvious signs, loose bricks are nothing to take lightly. Although, loose bricks are not always so visible to the eye. If the exterior coating or layer has worn off, it’s might be very possible to move the brick around. It used to be recommended to turn the brick around to its backside for a new and fresh look, but we don’t want any of our customers to take this risk. We can help maintain integrity and structure, even with an additional set of bricks! Either way, no harm is done when you have new bricks to work with. 

Unstable and Mobile 

In addition to loose bricks, the entire brick wall structure can be at stake. If the structure seems to lean one way or is unstable overall, it may be in your best interest to replace the entire wall. This goes for brick walls between homes, buildings made out of bricks, brick landscaping, and anything else you may have that was made out of brick. Loose bricks often lead to an unstable structure as a whole. While this is normal and can happen with time, you should never let it continue to worsen. 

Separation Between Brick

Mortar, those grey seals between the bricks, is responsible for piecing the bricks and holding them up together. When the mortar starts to chip, recede, or fall out of the joints, it is time to start throwing out the old materials and replace them with fresh materials for stable brick structures. Although it might not seem like much of a job, it must be handled with care as the mortar is responsible for not only holding structures up but also for giving brick a clean and sleek look. 

Damaged Beyond Repair

Sometimes, the damage is so obvious you don’t even have to take an in-depth look. Beyond stability and the mortar, pieces of the brick may chip or fall off, and this is the worst it can get. The moment you start to notice brick falling off, you’ll have to accept that an entire replacement is necessary. At this point, broken brick is useless, and not much work can be done. Either way, what would you want old and deteriorated brick for when you can have a whole new wall? 

Looking at The Causes of Damage 

Many factors can interfere with the stability of a brick wall or structure. Harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sleet, and wind, can be held responsible for deteriorating brick. Even the foundation on which your house or building lies can affect the brick. If the land is uneven, it can easily shift the brick structure and create cracks in the mortar. Oftentimes, this is where problems with brick structures begin. Even worse, elements can seep inside such as water, pests, and other unwanted things.

Common Methods of Brick Repair 

There are two main methods to brick repair and renovations. These methods include tuckpointing and repointing. Whether to use either method depends on the damage of the brick materials.


This method replaces old mortar with fresh, new mortar. Adding new mortar can prolong the lifespan of your brick structures, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing the material for years to come. 

Masonry Restoration

As we’ve mentioned before, professionals can also turn the individual bricks around if they are still in good shape and if the customer wishes to work with the same materials. The method requires more downtime and will also involve tuckpointing if bricks are completely separated from each other. 

Choose the Renovation Team at Texas Enviroblast

Brick repairs are some of the many things we specialize in here at Texas Enviroblast. We have several tools for several methods of clean-up and restoration. Whether it be for your home or business, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can meet your needs. 

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