3 Ways Texas EnviroBlast Can Make Your El Paso Backyard Ready For The Summer

With summer on the way and the weather warming up, many will be getting their backyards ready for some pool time, relaxation, spending time in the garden, and plenty of outdoor activities. El Paso starts getting warm in April and doesn’t shake off the heat until close to October. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your front and back yards. That all sounds fun, but first, you need to prep the grass, sweep the porch, and guess what, clean that pool. Calcium build-up from previous uses, dirt along the walls and flooring of your home and porch. So much to scrub and so much to clean.  Isn’t there an easier way to get all this done? Yes, there most definitely is a more efficient and more straightforward way to prep your home for those summer activities.

Pressure Washing Your Home Exterior 

Choosing to wait until the summer to pressure wash your home is a perfect choice. The fall and winter months don’t give us enough sunlight to knock out a whole project in one day, especially if a full house and flooring are getting pressure washed. This much water in the colder months can also cause problems with the potential of freezing or just making things worse with wet weather consistently happening.  The warmer weather gives us more time to work and a better way for water to dry once the pressure washing process is complete. Working at this time will have various benefits as well. It can have a lasting overall result due to less intense rains and the abundance of the sun during the summer. This also helps fight off mold and mildew that may have built up during the colder months. Leftover moisture from the spring and the oncoming heat can provide the perfect mold and mildew growth conditions. This is crucial because not only can it affect the aesthetic look of your home, but it can cause health dangers for everyone around. Mold and mildew will also make surfaces slippery causing a danger, especially if there’s little ones running around.

Cleaning Calcium Build-Up From Your Pool 

Pressure washing the exterior of your home is only one of the key aspects. On a more gentle side of power washing, getting the calcium build-up will definitely help your pool in various ways. After time, high calcium levels can start the process of scaling, especially when PH levels rise. This will show white marks and lines across your entire pool. This can also lead to cloudy water or stains that can be almost impossible to get off. Since pressure washing could damage the pool tile, using a soft abrasive at a low pressure can easily remove it. This can make your pool look like new and completely change the aesthetic of your backyard. 

Paint Removal From Older Homes 

Many homeowners have older sheds or just an older paint job that is slowly fading away in some of the most obvious of places. Getting paint removed from odd areas or cleaning it off to bring out the bring underlying can be highly beneficial aesthetically. El Paso has a number of homes that have old paint or even lead paint on their exterior. There’s no need to repaint or add another layer to the structure. Getting paint pressure washed lets you prep the exterior for future plans or your own fresh paint job as you gear up for the summer. 

Texas EnviroBlast Has Your Summer Prep Ready 

Give us a call today to ask about all of our residential services. We can also clear out oil stains and more from yards and driveways. We want your home to look the best it can possibly be, and the summer is the perfect time to get this going. If you want to know more about what we do, give us a call today!
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