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Texas EnviroBlast, LLC offers the best and most reliable eco-friendly power washing and pressure washing service in the Southwest. As El Paso’s top power washing team, we thrive on your great ratings and reviews. Our highly experienced staff can answer any questions regarding our quality service. For an estimate on a project, give us a call today!

Pressure Washing Services for Commercial and Residential Clients

We offer our services to both residential and commercial businesses. We have a selection of capabilities for our process. From your home pool to your business kitchen or industrial yard, we can do it all. We focus on using proper and safe procedures with our environmentally-friendly process just much as we focus on our customer satisfaction and service.

Our Services

Our washing services are an effective way to clean various surfaces of your home or business. Whether it be pressure, power, or soft washing, we use water to clean various materials off the object. When it comes to differentiating power and pressure washing, we must primarily look at the water spraying temperature and the cleaning solution used. While power washing uses hot water during the cleaning process, pressure washing uses normal temperature water and high-pressure equipment. Both services are useful for different applications. If you’re unsure about which option is best, simply give us a call!

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an extremely powerful option. As such, it is also very dangerous. Without proper training and understanding of the equipment, you may injure yourself or others. We do not recommend you try this by yourself. Simply let the pros at Texas Enviroblast take care of the job!

Soft Washing

Soft washing uses similar tools and methods to pressure washing, but at a lower PSI for rinsing or cleaning. This type of washing typically has a wider spray nozzle and uses more direct cleaning solutions to break down dirt and organisms on the targeted surface.

Surfaces We Can Power Wash

We can power wash a number of materials. Some of the most common materials we see for both residential and commercial projects are:

  • Wood 
  • Painted surfaces 
  • Various types of metals

What You Can Expect from Our Services

The Texas EnviroBlast team has the capability, experience, and equipment to clean huge areas. We focus on speed and efficiency when it comes to our work. Simply take a look at our video and before-and-after images below!

Texas EnviroBlast Pressure Washing
Texas EnviroBlast Pressure Washing
Texas EnviroBlast Pressure Washing

Our Cleaning Choice

Through our process, we use hot or cold water that heats up to 200° to 250° or in conjunction with our soft wash set up with chemicals. We also use the best, most environmentally safe chemicals for every step of the process. The cleaners and processes we use can remove almost anything organic and inorganic. Since every washing job is different, we will use the correct chemical and water temp needed for each individual application.

Some of the materials that our power washing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Rust 
  • Hard water stains
  • Efflorescence
  • Food grease
  • Oil stains
  • Tire marks

The Equipment We Use

Rust is always a concern when getting water involved with any type of equipment. As such, we use a specially formulated rust inhibitor to prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours. This extremely effective rust inhibitor is added to the blast water to prevent flash rust during blasting and then used to rinse after blasting is complete.

For our mobile pressure washing services and restoration, we can run three pressure washers at once with 19” surface cleaners to expedite the work. We also have a selection of nozzles that allow us to remove almost anything from any surface. We also have the attachments and the capability to abrasive blast with our pressure washers.

Pressure/Soft Washing Trailer 2: Power Washer Dual 4000 features

  • (2) 4000psi / 5gpm pressure washers
  • (2) 20HP Honda GX 630 Engines
  • (2) AR Triplex pumps
  • (2) Beckett burners
  • 525-gallon water tank
  • (2) 35-gallon detergent tanks 
  • (2) wands with Turbo nozzles
  • 200ft of pressure hose per unit
  • 19” surface cleaners

Give Us A Call, Today!

From residential and commercial pressure washing services, we can help. If you’re seeking quality and customer-focused service, Texas Enviroblast is the company for you. We love helping our veterans and can assist with a veteran discount. Let us know what service we can provide for you, and we can set up a consultation for estimates.

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