Brick Wall Restoration in El Paso

Texas EnviroBlast, LLC provides brick restoration for homes and businesses in El Paso and the surrounding areas. This service is incredibly helpful for anyone planning on restoring a home or preparing materials for repainting and remodeling. We have a selection of capabilities, including pressure washing, sandblasting, and hydroblasting. From commercial businesses to residential services, we help all types of clients and customers. Thanks to our mobile services, we’re able to head to your location and assist with bricks, concrete, and more!

How We’ll Restore Your Exposed Brick Walls, Sidewalks, and More

Our services include an effective way to clean various surfaces of your home or business. From pressure washing to sandblasting and hydroblasting, we have a service that perfectly suits your needs! If you require a powerful force of water that cleans different materials off the brick, then pressure washing is your best bet. Mostly known for washing off dirt, grime, algae, and molds, pressure washing is an excellent option for brick restoration. This can make a home or business look new after we’ve refreshed your brick and concrete.

Sandblasting and hydroblasting are two other options that may better suit your needs. If you’re unsure about which method is best, simply give us a call and we’ll help!

The Pressure Washing Restoration Process: What to Expect

At Texas EnviroBlast, we use 4000psi at 5gpm and 150psi at 6gpm with environmentally safe chemicals to clean, along with high pressure and a cleaning agent. We can also use a low-pressure soft washing process. Either of the two is the perfect combination to complete any job. 

We have the capability, experience, and equipment necessary to clean huge areas. We focus on speed and efficiency when it comes to our work. Simply check out our before and after photos to see what we’re capable of doing and how it’s a night vs. day difference once we’re done.

The Results Speak For Themselves!

You can see some of our before and after photos below. The significance of pressure washing, hydrowashing, and sandblasting your building can refresh the appearance and make the brick look like new!

Reliable Services at an Affordable Cost

We pride ourselves in helping our clients. For each project, we give a fair cost that covers labor and equipment. We’re in it to help you because we know the services we offer can be dangerous without the proper training and knowledge. Also, being a company founded by veterans, we offer a special discount for our fellow servicemen and women.

Texas EnviroBlast Brick Wall Restoration
Texas EnviroBlast Brick Wall Restoration
Texas EnviroBlast Brick Wall Restoration

Call Today for a Free Estimate

If you require brick wall restoration services, then give us a call! We can examine the project you want us to work on and give you a proper estimate. We focus on helping our customers in any way we can by providing fair pricing. We look forward to restoring your brick walls!

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