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Pool Tile Cleaning in El Paso

When it comes to pool cleaning and calcium removal, Texas EnviroBlast is the best of the best. As a local, El Paso-based team, we provide our community with exactly what they require. That’s why our ratings and reviews all speak towards our great and reliable service. As a highly reviewed eco-friendly best known for quality work and our top experience in the field, we’re always ready to help you. If you have any questions or need an estimate, please reach out and give us a call.

Pool Calcium Removal For Commercial and Residential Pools

Texas EnviroBlast offers a pool tile cleaning and calcium removal service to remove unwanted, white calcium build-up lines on tile and rocks. We offer our services for your home pool or larger commercial projects. 

Our environmentally-friendly approach makes it the best choice for your pool tile cleaning needs by not adding any harmful chemicals. Having a high amount of calcium levels in your pool can lead to scaling. If pH levels are allowed to rise, it will produce a whitish scale or crystalline deposits along the waterline and continue building all-around your pool.

Why Our Services are the Best in the Southwest

We focus on our customer satisfaction in the long haul. That’s why we’ve done the research on calcium removal and invested in the best equipment and environmentally friendly materials available. Our customers are our focus just as much as our quality of work. Let us know how we can help you or inform you more about our products and services.

Our Process: Why We Don’t Use Pressure Washers

We use a soft abrasive at very low pressure to remove the calcium from pools. Our specially designed system and specially formulated abrasive will remove and clean pool tile, pebble tec, jacuzzi, and water features, also an excellent tile grout cleaner. We do not use pressure washers and glass beads for this service since that combination will damage your tile.

We use Kieserite MaxxStrip, which ranks as: very soft, 3.5 hardness. We use Low Pressure: 40psi-90psi compared to our competitors who use a high Pressure: 3000psi-4000psi, which can effectively damage your pool and tile.

Safely Restore Your Commercial Pool and Water Features

We use the Aerolyte Pool Pal, a field-portable, light to medium duty blast machine made for cleaning pool tiles and other surfaces. It’s a high production tool to remove calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae, and scale from pool tile and most pool-area surfaces.

 If you’re looking to make your pool last, you don’t want to use pressure washers or glass beads. They can destroy your tile and make it weaker in the long run. We’ve made sure that your trust in our services is why you choose us. By finding the best, most efficient, and eco-friendly pool tile cleaning and calcium removal process and products out there that your investment is protected long after we finish.

Our Equipment

  • 185CFM Atlas Copco compressor with the capability of over 300’ of 3/4” airline
  • Clemco Pool Pal Blast Pot with wet blast attachment
  • 158GPM water pump
  • 25’ suction hose
  • 150’ discharge hose 
  • Kieserite blast media that is specifically designed for this service.

Benefits of Using Maxxstrip Abrasive Media

  • Non-toxic
  • Cleans calcium deposits 
  • No Free Silica 
  • Neutral PH 
  • 3.5 on the MOHS hardness scale 
  • Mined Natural mineral 
  • Water-soluble
  • Environmentally friendly washes into the soil
  • Environmentally sound water soluble
  • Safe to use without shutting down operations 
  • Containment is minimized 
  • Significantly reduced abrasive disposal costs 
  • Flow aids blended in Maxxstrip to enhance the abrasive flow 
  • Ideal for mold remediation
  • Won’t corrode copper, brass, or aluminum 
  • Won’t damage or kill foliage or vegetation 
  • Won’t harm foliage or microorganisms

We also keep out worker safety in mind by choosing this brand. Since Maxxstrip Abrasive Media has no solvents, caustic chemicals, or free silica hazards. It’s also a non-sparking compound, which means that there are no explosive environment hazards from airborne dust.

Expect Excellent Results: Your Pool Will Look Good as New!

You can see the remarkable difference between calcium build-up and calcium removal services. We take pride in the work that our staff and the satisfaction of our customers.

Texas EnviroBlast Pool Tile Cleaning Service
Texas EnviroBlast Pool Tile Cleaning Service
Texas EnviroBlast Pool Tile Cleaning Service
Texas EnviroBlast Pool Tile Cleaning Service
Texas EnviroBlast Pool Tile Cleaning Service

Give Texas EnviroBlast a Call Today!

Our team is ready to come and clean up your pool. Since we provide mobile services, we can go to your pool or water installation, no matter where in the Southwest region you’re located! 

Calcium build-up can affect the aesthetic of your pool with white marks all along with it. Contact us today so that we can arrange a consultation and give you an estimate. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re a veteran to receive special discounts on all of our services.

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