Oil Removal for Homes and Businesses in El Paso

Texas EnviroBlast, LLC will help get those oil stains from vehicles or industrial work off your driveway, parking lot, or industrial site. We have mobile equipment that can go to you and start working today!

Removing Oil Stains from Your Driveway, Garage, and More with Pressure Washing, Sandblasting, or Hydroblasting

Oil stains are very common, no matter where you go. They seep into the concrete or asphalt and can make it slippery and dangerous. This can cause a more considerable amount of trouble if unkempt. Removing oil can be tricky depending on how long it’s sat there for and the various amount of other chemicals that have mixed with it. Unfortunately, many products sold to take care of oil stains contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can be environmental health hazards.

Our pressure washing process uses hot or cold water that we can heat up to 200° to 250° or in conjunction with our soft wash set-up. We also use the best environmentally safe chemicals for every step of the process. Every washing job is different so that we will use the correct chemical and water temp needed.

We also offer sandblasting or hydroblasting to thoroughly remove oil stains from the ground. Some oil might need a harsh abrasive like sandblasting to dig in and remove all old traces. However, hydroblasting has no added chemicals and is stronger than pressure washing the oil off. No matter the situation, we analyze what would be the best solution for the job. 

Our Equipment and Process

We have three pressure washers and 19” surface cleaners to ensure 100% quality. Depending on the project, we also carry several types of nozzles that allow us to remove oil from any surface. If needed, our abrasive blast can combine with our pressure washers to get the job done. These stronger methods are typically for industrial work. For residential cleaning or small businesses, our pressure washer will take care of the job. We take pride in our top-notch equipment. We also want our clients and customers to know what to expect when we pull up.

  • 4000psi / 5gpm pressure washers
  • 20HP Honda GX 630 Engines
  • AR Triplex pumps
  • Beckett burners
  • 525-gallon water tank
  • 35-gallon detergent tanks 
  • wands with Turbo nozzles
  • 200ft of pressure hose per unit
  • 19” surface cleaners
Texas EnviroBlast Oil Removal - Groundkeeper

Free Consultations and Estimates Available

We can give you a free estimate with a consultation. Once we know the project’s scope and everything needed to get the job done, we can provide you with a fair estimate. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re a veteran. We provide a veterans discount for every project. The discount will vary on the scope and size of the project.

Contact Texas EnviroBlast, Today!

Give us a call today to set up a consultation and get your estimate. Any questions you may have or concerns, let us know so we can give you all the information you may need. We look forward to helping you at your home or business.

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