Welcome to Texas EnviroBlast, LLC

We offer Calcium Removal on Pool Tile and Water Features, Abrasive Blasting, Pressure/Power Washing and Coatings. 

NEW SERVICES: We now offer the best Calcium Removal on Pool Tiles and Water Features on the market!

What we do for our customers

What we offer to our customers is:

  • A Mobile Dustless Blasting service that will remove any coating, paint, powder coating, rust and prep any surface.
  • A Mobile Dustless Blasting service with double the production with our Dual DB800 Mobile Blaster.
  • A Mobile Dustless Blasting service that is 92% more environmentally friendly.
  • A Mobile Power Washing service that will give our customers another option for surface prep.
  • A Mobile Power Washing service that will remove dirt, grease and any other unwanted material from your vehicles, parking lot, sidewalk or any area that needs cleaning.
  • For your convenience, we will come to you.

The areas of focus we offer are: Abrasive Blasting, Power Washing and Industrial Coating

  • Industrial: Refinery type environments and more...
  • Commercial: Calcium removal on Pools, building restoration, Graffiti removal, parking lots and more...
  • Automotive/Fleet: Vehicle restoration, fleet vehicle design updating and more...
  • Residential: Calcium removal on Pools, paint removal, brick wall restoration, oil stain removal and more...
  • Marine: Boat restoration, removal of build up and more...
  • General Cleaning: Anything painted, rusted, dirty and more...

Texas EnviroBlast Facts:

  • 100% Veteran Owned
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mobile and will come to you
  • Quality work
  • Minimal cleanup
  • Customer always first