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Services Offered

Abrasive Blasting Trailer

Texas EnviroBlast offers a mobile abrasive blasting service in all fields and on any surface. Our surface prep is the best in the business. We are a dustless, environmentally friendly and environmentally safe blasting company who uses recycled media and water. We also offer a coating service. We can apply any kind of industrial coatings, paints and numerous other options of top coats on any surface.


Abrasive Blasting Trailer 1:                   Abrasive Blasting Dual DB800 features a 400CFM Atlas Copco compressor with (2) 8 cubic foot capacity blast pots (ASME/PED/CE Certified), (2) 150 gallon water tanks, (2) 48 GPM Diaphragm water pumps, BA-375 Air Dryer/Cooler, 400ft of blast hose.

Pressure/Power Washing Trailer

Texas EnviroBlast offers a mobile pressure/power washing service in all fields. We have the capability to run 3 pressure washers at one time. We have 20" surface cleaners to expedite the work. We offer several types of nozzles that give us the opportunity to remove almost anything from any surface. We also have the attachments and the capability to abrasive blast with our pressure washers.


Power Washing Trailer 2:                        Power Washing Dual 4000 features (2) 4000psi / 5gpm pressure washers with (2) 20HP Honda GX 630 Engines, (2) AR Triplex pumps, (2) Beckett burners. Accessories include 525 gallon water tank, (2) 35 gallon detergent tanks, (2) wands with Turbo nozzles and assorted nozzles with various degrees, 200ft of pressure hose per unit.

Calcium Removal on Pool Tiles and Water Features Trailer

Texas EnviroBlast offers a mobile pool tile and water feature Calcium removal service. Our specially designed system and specially formulated abrasive will remove and clean pool tile, pebble tec, jacuzzi and water features. We do not use pressure washers and glass beads for this service, that combination will damage your tile. We use a soft abrasive at very low pressure to remove the calcium.

Pool Tile/Water Feature Calcium Removal Trailer 3:

185CFM Atlas Copco compressor with capability of over 300' of 3/4" air line, Clemco Pool Pal Blast Pot with wet blast attachment, 158GPM water pump, 25' suction hose, 150' discharge hose and our Kieserite blast media that is specifically designed for this service.