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Pool Calcium Removal from Pool Tile and Water Features

Our Equipment

Texas EnviroBlast offers a mobile pool tile and water feature Calcium removal service. Our specially designed system and specially formulated abrasive will remove and clean pool tile, pebble tec, jacuzzi and water features. We do not use pressure washers and glass beads for this service, that combination will damage your tile. We use a soft abrasive at very low pressure to remove the calcium.

Pool Tile/Water Feature Calcium Removal Trailer 3:
185CFM Atlas Copco compressor with capability of over 300' of 3/4" air line, Clemco Pool Pal Blast Pot with wet blast attachment, 158GPM water pump, 25' suction hose, 150' discharge hose and our Kieserite blast media that is specifically designed for this service. pool tile cleaning pool calcium removal

Our Abrasive


• Cleans calcium deposits

• No Free Silica

 • Neutral PH

• 3.5 on MOHS hardness scale

 • Mined Natural mineral

 • Water soluble

 • Environmentally friendly washes into soil

 • Safe to use without shutting down operations

 • Containment is minimized

 • Greatly reduced abrasive disposal costs 

• Flow aids blended in Maxxstrip to enhance abrasive flow

 • Ideal for mold remediation



The Aerolyte Pool Pal is a field-portable, light- to medium-duty blast machine ideal for the pool contractor for cleaning pool tile and other surfaces. 

High production tool to remove calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae, and scale from pool tile and most pool-area surfaces.

The wetblast attachment supplied with Pool Pal packages suppresses blast dust and improve visibility.

On the job safety is a concern for every conscientious contractor.  Pool Pal machines feature OSHA-required remote controls that allow the blaster to start and stop blasting at the nozzle. If he should drop or otherwise lose control of the nozzle, blasting automatically stops.

Our Results

Our experience, abrasive, equipment and process is the best around.

We pride ourselves in having the best equipment available, which is why we are the best and can produce the best results.

We will get results that you cannot even imagine could of been accomplished!

Our Reviews

"Just wow!  The 1st year I had my pool I thought because I had salt water that I didn't have to add any other chemicals and in turn I ruined my pool plaster and bad salt/calcium built up.  While I enjoy getting in my pool it was not as fun to look at and now I am in love again and I'm so thankful to Terry and his team at Texas Enviroblast!"

"Thank you so much for all you did! You went above and beyond what was expected, and I couldn't be happier with the work and service you provided. I look forward to using your services again for my future projects, and I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking sandblasting services." Pool tile pool tile cleaning, pool calcium removal

Our Facts & Chemistry

Facts: Our Equipment

* We use Low Pressure: 40psi-90psi

* Our competitor use High Pressure: 3000psi-4000psi

Facts: Our Abrasive

* We use Kieserite(MaxxStrip): Very soft, 3.5 hardness

*Our Competitor uses Glass Beads: Very hard, 6 - 7 hardness

Facts: Mohs Hardness Scale

* Calcium: 1.8 hardness

* Pool Tile: 7 - 7.5 hardness

* Glass Beads: 6 - 7 hardness

* Kieserite(MaxxStrip): 3.5 hardness

This is simple math! We use Low Pressure and Soft Abrasive for amazing results and NO tile damage.

Do not let someone convince you to let them use a pressure washer and glass beads!