Pressure washing services to provide the best results. Restoration is key

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Our Equipment


Texas EnviroBlast offers mobile pressure washing services and restoration in all fields. We have the capability to run 3 pressure washers at one time. We have 19" surface cleaners to expedite the work. We offer several types of nozzles that give us the opportunity to remove almost anything from any surface. We also have the attachments and the capability to abrasive blast with our pressure washers.

Pressure/Soft Washing Trailer 2: Power Washer Dual 4000 features (2) 4000psi / 5gpm pressure washers with (2) 20HP Honda GX 630 Engines, (2) AR Triplex pumps, (2) Beckett burners. Accessories include 525 gallon water tank, (2) 35 gallon detergent tanks, (2) wands with Turbo nozzles and assorted nozzles with various degrees, 200ft of pressure hose per unit, 19" surface cleaners for higher production rates.

Our Cleaning Choice


We can just pressure wash with hot or cold water that we can heat up to 200° to 250° or in conjunction with our soft wash set up with chemicals. We use the best environmentally safe chemicals. We can remove rust, hard water stains, efflorescence, food grease, oil stains, tire marks and just about anything organic and inorganic. Every washing job is different, so we will use the correct chemical and water temp needed for each individual application. Exterior and Interior Surface Restoration is our goal.

Our Process


Texas EnviroBlast uses 4000psi at 5gpm and/or 150psi at 6gpm with environmentally safe chemicals to clean. High pressure and a cleaning agent or Low pressure Soft Washing are the perfect combination to complete any job.

Our process works by mixing water and a specifically selected chemical inside our tanks and is injected downstream through a pre-selected nozzle for ideal cleaning.

Our Results


Our results speak for themselves, as you can see in the picture, a distinct line separates dirty from clean. This is what all of our pressure washing and soft washing projects look like.

Our Capabilities


Texas EnviroBlast has many capabilities when it comes to pressure washing and soft washing.

We have the capability to run 3 hot water pressure washers at one time with different attachments on every one.

We can Wet Abrasive Blast with our pressure washers with our blast pot injection system or we can inject abrasive from a bucket with our injection probe. 

Our Facts


Texas EnviroBlast has the capability, experience and equipment to clean huge areas. We have completed 18000sqft of concrete pressure washing in half a day. The owner was amazed how clean and how fast the process was.