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As the best local steel fabrication company, Texas EnviroBlast, LLC is known for our highly reviewed services. Our top reviews and ratings speak about our great quality and experienced staff. For reliable services, give us a call with any questions you may have or to set up a consultation to get estimates. We look forward to helping your home or business today!

Our Steel Fabrication Services

We use steel fabrication to break down materials and reshape them into the desired form and be used for other purposes. Many times this is used for construction jobs ranging from car parts to home uses. 

We can fabricate various parts and materials, including:

  • Sheets and plates 
  • Round and flat bars
  • Rectangular tubing 
  • Angled bars 
  • Diamond plates 
  • Structural beams 
  • Expanded metals
  • Square and round tubing 
  • Structural channels 
  • Rebar

We’ve used the creation of parts like these to create various structures and supports that get commonly used. We work on creating metal for various projects to craft things such as stairs, handrail, mezzanines, canopies etc. Many of these items are great to enhance buildings or add onto structures. We use a number of different welding machines, torches, plasma cutters, grinders, etc. Depending on the type and size of metal we’re reforming the project may call for larger machines or more simple handheld devices.

What We Can Fabricate For You

We keep and collect certain materials to make fabrication easier and have a full supply for any job needed. 
We can fabricate the following medals:

  • Plate Metal – A universal type of metal that can be used for almost anything. 
  • Fittings – These spare parts can get used for fillers and completing whole pieces 
  • Castings – These are used to quickly mold items into shapes that often used
  • Expanded metal – This is used often for outdoor uses since it’s easy for moisture to flow through
  • Sectional metal – These are used to create heavily used shapes like “L” and “Z”  shaped pieces 
  • Flat metal – Similar to sheet and plate metal, these are perfect for fabrication and can be added to other pieces or used to make shapes easily. 
  • Welding wire – Having strands of metal handy is essential for fabricating so that we can join pieces together more efficiently.

After the fabrication process, we can apply a coating to polish up the surface and have it ready for painting. In many cases fabrication becomes an option after seeing what extra or unnecessary metal is around as we work on your project. 

Why Choose Texas EnviroBlast for Your Steel Fabrication Needs

With our experience and services, there are times when steel fabrication can help, especially after a thorough abrasive blasting or power washing. With our welding abilities, we can add so much more to your business or home aesthetic by providing this service.  Our knowledge and on-the-spot help can help you complete jobs faster with the same high-quality we provide for every service. 

Contact Us Today for Your Free Estimates!

For all your steel fabrication needs, we can help you. If you need pieces and parted molded, or have parts ready to break down, we’re here to help. Our equipment and eco-friendly methods are ready to go and prepared to make a change in our industry. 

We also offer a veteran discount for all of our services. Let us know when you bring us on for the job so we can make sure we give you the best discount that you deserve. Contact us today for more information and see how we can help you!

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