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Coating Application

Coatings and Surfaces to apply Coatings

We apply all types of protective coatings and primers to any surface.

Some our Coatings:


Macropoxy 920: Pre-Prime Penetrating Epoxy Pre-Primer

Macropoxy 646: Fast Cure Epoxy

Macropoxy 846: Fast Cure Epoxy

Acrolon 218: HS Acrylic Polyurethane

Acrolon 100: Urethane

Dura-Plate 235: PW Multi-Purpose Epoxy

KEM Bond: HS Primer

Zinc Clad 5: Cold Galvanizing substitute

Epo-Phen FF: Tank Lining and HI-Temp Coating

Voc Aliphatic Polyurethane: Anti-Graffiti coating


And so many more..

We can apply to carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, brick and any other surface